Jen Pengelly

Web Developer

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Built with Ruby on Rails and supplemented with jQuery plug-ins, Thirdsty Thursday is a social networking tool that connects graduates of Washington, DC’s General Assembly with cohort events. Styling completed using Materialize CSS library.

Built with Express as a collaborative project, Rembr allows users to pin a personal perspective of a place based on their location and to view other pins placed on the map. Uses Leaflet and to render geographic data, and styled with Bootstrap.

Built in Ruby on Rails and styled with Bootstrap, Daily Scrum gives remote teams a central board to look at for daily scrums. Team members can create note cards for daily scrum meeting over the course of a project sprint.

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About Jen

Originally from Amarillo, TX, I got my undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, then moved to Washington, DC. I spent 3 years working with an incredible group of people at Third Way where I was able to think strategically about the organization's social media presence, email marketing, and web content management.

In 2010, I moved to San Francisco where I completed my Master's degree in information science focusing on designing systems with the user in mind. Key research focused on way that government agency could improve access to citizens requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act. After graduation, I continued working with non-profit organizations until joining the agency life. As a digital project manager, I had the opportunity to work on world-class brands and with world-class talent to develop creative and technical solutions to digital needs from website redesigns to online marketing campaigns. I've also had the opportunity to run scrum projects and develop an abiding passion for the agile process.

In October 2015, I moved back to Washington, D.C. and began a web development immersive course with General Assembly. Focusing on Ruby on Rails and Javascript frameworks, I spent twelve tireless weeks working with an amazing group of people learning new skills. Coming back to DC has been awesome and I've found a tight-knit community eager to share.

I enjoy spending time with my awesome husband and our cats. I'm passionate about coding and love learning about new technologies. When I'm away from the computer, you'll find me cooking stuff up and creating my own recipes. Weekends find me biking, reading, going to the movies, and combing through farmer's markets.

My 5 Truths

  1. Always be a little kinder than necessary.
  2. An honest conversation is usually step one in solving a problem.
  3. When we strive to become better, we make the world around us better.
  4. Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
  5. Creating something is all about problem-solving.
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